16 December 2019

Veggie Composition

It started with a question.

How could I create a compelling image without focusing on composition? And, if I did not have much in terms of composition, what else did I have left?

The answer was colour, lighting, and the texture of the subject along with the surroundings. It still seems like I had a lot left, but I would have to change the way I thought about the framing of the images.

This gave rise to a personal project with Tamsin Weston and Juliet Baptiste Kelly. It was a very different way of thinking; much more time was spend looking at the fruits and vegetables, analysing the textures and how the light played on them.

The method of shooting this project, made me think about the term, “speak loudly, without saying anything”. It allowed me to hear what each subject wanted to say without having to create a narrative myself. Raw nature had a story to tell if you are willing to listen.