Originally from Los Angeles, I made my way to London about 18 years ago. Coming from an Industrial Design background, I always wanted to apply my technical skills in a more creative way. 

I found this working as a designer of retail environments, bringing conceptual designs into reality for such brands as John Lewis, Nike, Adidas, Fossil and Harrods. Although Shop Design allowed me to be creative, I found my true outlet in Photography. For the last 8 years, I have been combining my technical know-how with my creativity and love of food. With an easy-going Californian demeanour and professional attitude, I hope I can help you!

My style has been described as bold and colourful, yet elegant. I generally work with a food stylist and an experienced designer on my shoots. My preference is to be well organized, with a detailed mood board and shoot schedule, to ensure that all activities are understood and conducted in a timely manner.